Pasticceria Siragusa


The History

Pasticceria Siragusa is located in the industrial area of Prizzi, a small town in the Sicilian inland. Our country has about 6.000 inhabitants and covers an area of 2.950km. It is 79 km from Palermo, the sicilian capital, 93 km from Agrigento, 123 km from Catania. The name Prizzi derives from the Greek “Purizo”, which means fire. The news about the inhabited center, of uncertain origin, connects it to a settlement in the Hippana locality, on the Mountain of the Horses, where an Elima fortress already existed. From the 12 th century Prizzi became a feudal village and came into possession of the Bonanno family and remained there until 1812, when feudal rights were abolished. In the monumental sector, the 16th century Mother Church stands out, which was built on the original Church of San Giorgio. We also mention the Church of the SS Crucifix of 1706 of typical Baroque construction. Only a few remains of the medieval castle remain. Typical of Prizzi is the so- called Devils’ Ball, which takes place on Easter Sunday and represents the struggle between good and evil.



Our Biscuits

Pasticceria Siragusa offers fresh, high quality products with an aesthetic and creative approach.
We offer biscuits capable of enticing at the mere sight, the choice is wide and composite.


SS. 118 Bivio Filaga, 90038 Prizzi (PA)

VAT number:

+39 091-8340000