The History

Pasticceria Siragusa is located in the industrial area of ​​Prizzi, a small town in the Sicilian hinterland. Our country has about 6,000 inhabitants and covers an area of ​​2,950 km. It is 79 km from Palermo, the Sicilian capital, 93 km from Agrigento, 123 km from Catania. The name Prizzi derives from the Greek Purizo which means fire. The news on the inhabited center, of uncertain origin, connects it to a settlement in the Hippana locality, on the Montagna dei Cavalli, where an Elima fortress already existed. From the 12th century Prizzi became a feudal village and came into possession of the Bonanno family and remained there until 1812, when feudal rights were abolished. In the monumental sector, the 16th century Mother Church stands out, which was built on the original Church of San Giorgio. We also mention the Church of the SS Crocifisso of 1706 of typical Baroque construction. Only a few remains of the medieval castle remain. Typical of Prizza is the so-called Devils’ Ball, which takes place on Easter Sunday and represents the struggle between good and evil.

Biscottificio Siragusa, 40 years of goodness since 1980! In 1980, by the will of the spouses Siragusa Castrenze and Cancellieri Carmela, the Siragusa company was founded, the result of an infinite passion for the White Art expanded at the family bakery for over fifteen years. At their debut, with the collaboration of their children, the company concentrated the production of milk biscuits, in particular the Umberto milk biscuit. Customer satisfaction led them to an inimitable production: from Umberto biscuits to wholemeal tea, low-calorie and dessert biscuits, first of all the sesame biscuit, still the company’s workhorse today. In 1994, the Siragusa biscuit factory, to give more sweetness to the life of its beloved customers, also became a pastry and ice cream parlor, with a vast assortment of products that extended to the creation of monumental cakes for ceremonies. A staff of over a dozen qualified and efficient pastry chefs makes each confectionery product unmistakable. A reality consolidated by the memories of the past with the dedication to the SWEET pleasures of the present time with a unique, genuine, artisanal and traditional flavor, all delicately packaged to be unpacked in the company of the dearest people.